Export Tooling
Your Advanced Tooling Partner
for Seamless Operations

Fu Yu excels in precision mould creation, seamlessly integrating advanced Export Tooling into our services.

We empower customers by providing access to and sales options for our high-quality moulds. Backed by a dedicated testing center ensuring top-notch quality, we guarantee excellence before delivery.

Our competitive edge encompasses various advanced capabilities:

Mould Flow Analysis

We employ sophisticated Mould Flow Analysis techniques to optimize mould designs, ensuring an efficient and effective production process.

Creative Design
for Cycle Time

We creatively design layouts that are strategically crafted to minimize production cycle times, enhancing overall efficiency.

3D Printing for
Conformal Cooling

Cutting-edge 3D printing technologies are utilized for Conformal cooling and more, enhancing the performance and quality of moulded parts.

Full Dimension
Insert Drawings

Through detailed Full Dimension insert drawings, our tooling solutions offer precision and flexibility, empowering customers to effortlessly create new moulds according to their unique requirements.

Build to Print
Tooling Expertise

We specialises in Build to Print tooling, delivering solutions according to precise client specifications.

Interchangeable Multi-Cavity Tool Inserts

Our mastery over dimensions and tolerances allows for the creation of interchangeable Multi-Cavity Tool Inserts, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing processes.